Timing Service

Our fully trained service team is here to provide all your timing system needs. Majority of repairs can be completed on site at your location. 

Services We Offer:

1. Pre Season System Inspection and Minor Tune Up 

- Reconditioning of touch pads

- Cleaning all system connections

- Reconditioning of starters and controllers

- Cleaning of scoreboards 

2. During the Season Service

- Reconditioning of touch pads 

- System repairs 

3. Preventative Maintenance 

- Scheduled regular inspections 

- Equipment replacement plans 

Service request forms can be found here: Click here  

Event Timing Support

Our fully trained timing team is here to support your timing events. 

Services We Offer: 

1. On site tech support 

2. Over the phone tech support 

Event timing support forms can be found here: Click here

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