RecTec's experience, ability, vision, and the implementation of both sport live streaming and video graphics to the amateur sport field is a new and unique skill set for Canadian sport. 

RecTec has the expertise and technical background to bring the very best video presentation to your facility, home, or mobile device. Our live streaming services can be custom designed to service anything from an international event to a local event 

Some of our resources include: 

  1. Up to 6 HD professional cameras 
  2. In-house video presentation 
  3. Custom sport graphics 
  4. Pre and post event entertainment 
  5. Live stream to our website or yours 
  6. Customized web presence 



                                            Graphics Package Includes:

                                              1. Event Information 

                                              2. Athlete Information 

                                              3. Splits and Final Times 

                                              4. Event Summaries and Team Scores 

                                              5. Award Presentations 

What's New for 2018-19

  • Instant Replays 
  • Highlight package provided the next day and clips for event promotion 
  • New website design with multiple streams available on RecTec TV
  • Time of day graphics 
  • Custom format and size for graphics to video display and live streaming 

Our Sports

  • All aquatic sports
  • Football 
  • Basketball 
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball 
  • Hockey 
  • Lacrosse
  • Gymnastics 
  • Athletics 
  • Curling 

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