Sport in the Box 

Sport in the Box is a specialized system that allows sport venues the opportunity to have their own video production.

Offered by IC Control, Sport in the Box allows you to create and show content on the video board at your venue.

Sport in the Box handles video, graphics with live data, player presentations, lineups, scoreboards, commercials, and match events.

With the capability to stream to numerous devices or screens. The system is easy to use and is fit for both small groups and large events. 

Why use Sport in the Box?

  • Its user friendly which allows both staff, volunteers, or event parents to create dynamic content 
  • Its powerful which allows it to be expanded on with your own creations and formats 
  • Its scalable and compatible, if your venue has a video or numerical scoreboard, LED banner, or TV monitors its possible to connect them with Sport in the Box 
  • It suites every arena both small and large 
  • Useable for every sport, whether your sport is basketball, handball, swimming, hockey, soccer, or others Sport in the Box has packages that will fit your sport 

Sport in the Box 2 

The newest version of the Sport in the Box software that allows for an elevated experience. 

What you get with Sport in the Box 2:

  • Graphics and Data: Sport in the Box comes with graphic templates for each sport to create full screen scoreboards, player presentations, and lineups. The template can be customized by selecting your team colours, add team lineups, logos, player picture templates, and more. Custom graphics for a single team can also be created upon request. 
  • Sports andControllers: Sport in the Box supports most team sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, and handball. It comes with graphic templates suited for each sport and can also connect to almost every brand of match controllers. 
  • Video Inputs, Replays, and Playout: Sport in the Box can have multiple live video inputs which when paired with the graphics allows for replays and other video content to be played on the video board. Video outputs allow for the stream to easily be adjusted to fit whatever size the screen is that you would like to display the content on. 
  • Other Sports and Applications: Sport in the Box can also be used for other sports and applications. For example swimming and athletics are areas that graphics from the unit can be created. 
  • Installation and Mobility: Sport in the Box can be customized to your needs, and is extremely flexible in the amount of equipment required to run it. For small groups it can be run on a single laptop or for bigger venues or installations it can be installed in a rack with multiple video inputs and outputs. 

Sample Units and Graphics 

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