Results Management Service    

Over the past couple of seasons we have seen and been involved in more and more requests for us to provide professional Seeding and Results Management Services. It is for this reason that RecTec is pleased to provide our latest Aquatic Service called Results Management Services. 

What makes an event run smoothly?

  1. Event Seeding and Results                                                
  2. The Timing System Works Well 
  3. Good Officials 

Three Main Areas:

1) Event Seeding and Results:

  • The event needs to be well seeded with an appropriate balance and race turnover that can only be accomplished through experience 
  • This same experience needs to be backed up in site with the management of the results 

2) The Timing System Works Well: 

  • We think we have this covered. Providing good quality equipment with experienced operators 
  • Although not everything works 100% all the time, we do our best to ensure we get high quality times for all swimmers 

3) Good Officials: 

  • Strong leadership and experience is critical to a session running smoothly 
  • Knowing when to hold the event or keep it going only comes with experience 

3. Good Officials:

There will be two levels to this new service: 

1) Providing HY TEK Operators: 

RecTec will provide an experience Hy Tek Operator that will have the following roles: 

  • Ensure the swim meet database is installed on the Hy Tek computer and interfaced with timing equipment 
  • Complete all duties required during the swim meet such as scratches, DQs, relay name entry, run reports, etc. 
  • Upload the results to Swim Canada 

This service can be provided as a stand alone or in conjunction with the Seeding and Event Services. There is also the option for our Operator to only oversee the duties and/or provide support to your volunteer operators instead.  

2) Team Entries and Seeding Services:

The Entries and Seeding Service will have the following roles: 

  • RecTec will take all of the entries for the event from the clubs and once the entry deadline is closed we will generate the Seeded Event 
  • Once the event is seeded it will then be turned over to the On Site Hy Tek Operator to input into the system for the event 
  • If it is at one of our RecTec Timing Operator venues then we will take that database and include it onto the Hy Tek laptop at the facility 

Why you should use this new service: 

  1. Eliminates the need to train the ever-rotating door of volunteers to manage this critical position both for Hy Tek Seeding and Site Meet Operation 
  2. No need to purchase Hy Tek and/or updates of the program
  3. Resources can be redirected to other functions of the event 
  4. It allows for a one stop shop for our Swim Meet Results Management needs 
  5. With RecTec's high quality Operators it will add to the ability for your swim meet to run smoothly 

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