Tim Hamel's knowledge is broad based and covers all aquatic facilities from designing a private health club/spa to 50 metre pools used for international competitions. His plus 30 years in the field of aquatics has covered everything from being a lifeguard, operating an international aquatic centre, and to designing them. Tim also has extensive experience in the sales and service side of Swiss Timing/Omega sport timing equipment. In his roles Tim has provided on-site tech support to hundreds of sporting competitions up to an international level. In the latest developments of RecTec Tim has shown leadership in developing our video graphics/live-streaming service in which we did over 25 events last year. 

Areas of Expertise: 

  1. Project Management 
  2. Aquatic Technical Expertise 
  3. Design Innovation 
  4. Facility Operation 
  5. Safety and Legislation 
  6. Aquatic Sport 

Aquatic Facility Design/Consulting:

2009-Present - Principal RecTec Management Group Inc - Pool Consulting 

Responsible for all aspects of facility design and consulting on commercial public and private aquatic facilities on behalf of RecTec. Generally through a Project Team completed work in areas of Aquatic     amenity Identification, Budgeting, Conceptual Design, Existing Facility Upgrades, Specification Writing, Drawings Generation, Tenders and Construction supervision and administration. 

Customers Include: ZAS Architects, B+H Architects, WGA Architects, The Mitchell Partnership, City of Toronto, City of Winnipeg, to name a few. 

Aquatic Sport Timing:

2006-Present - President RecTec Management Group

Responsible for all aspects of electronic timing system design, consulting, sales and service for Central Canada. 

Sport Timing Customers: Swim Canada, Swim Ontario, Water Polo Canada, Water Polo Ontario, Master Swimming Ontario, Eswim, to name a few. 

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